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Creating your own and using C++ libraries

1 min read

As a programmer you're going to find out that the libraries in C++ are limited, so sometimes you're going to need to create your own libraries, this is actually very tricky.

Had to look up for some videos, I'm going to leave the links of a couple of them.

Once you've created your own library, you need to add it to your program file, just as you did in the WSQ of YoSoy196.

In order to call your library you need to type in this "whatevernameyouhave.h" so the program can us the library.

I hope these links and my explanation can be useful.



Basic types and their use in C++

1 min read

First let my show you a screenshot of the basic types in C++, you are going to be using these a lot while programming, there are many others, but these are the basic.

I found this webpage very useful to learn about all the basic types and how you can use them, check it out.


Creating and calling functions in C++

1 min read

In order to creat a function we need to give it a name first and we need to do that before main, like this:

You need to be clear about whay type of function you are creating, in this case is a boolean, and then followed by the instructions that the function will perform in case you call it.

Now, to call a function you need to type in the name of it, followed by the data that the function will use to work, in this case is "input", but it can be any data you want, as long as it's the correct type of data that the function is ready to process.

As you can see here I typed in bool and the name of the function is palindrome, that's how you call it, I hope this comes useful.




1 min read

It seems like a ver useful tool, for arithmetic functions, if you follow the manual, you can find a few features that might become helpful in the future, such as: graphics, solving equations and many others.

I personally didn't find it that friendly, because you do have to go trough the manual very carefully, but I guess once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy.


Final Dash

1 min read

I have not much time left...

On this long weekend (May 1st - May 3rd) I'll be finishing all of my masteries.

And next week (May 4th - May 6th) I'll just check the final details of my project, so that I can deliver it on time.

Then on I'm going to prepare myself for the exam which is on May 11th.


Quiz 11

1 min read



Quiz 10

1 min read


Here's my corrected exam

1 min read

My github is not working so had to make screenshots



1 min read

I had a lot of trouble starting the code and getting the logic of the program, so I took some guidance of the code already uploaded


Greatest Common Divisor

1 min read

Since this WSQ was similar to a quiz, I just checked for bugs just in case, and corrected a few stuff... =) Here's my code