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Final #PROJECT Finished

1 min read

So our final project is done, we had some trouble with it, as I explained on previous posts, the board printing was quite tricky, but with Ken's help we were able to make it correctly.

After that, the checkQuadrant function was our next challenge we had to make a few changes on the code because it just wasn't working, but after a few arrangements the function worked correctly.

Later we just put in some conditionals so that the user could only pick numbers in between the boardsize, that didn't took us that much time

At the end everything worked as expected.

It was a good learning experience, to be honest, it was far much harder than I expected, without my teamate's help, I wouldn't have been able finish the job.

Here's our code, have fun.



1 min read

We are almost done with the final project, but we had a little set back with the board printing, so we talked to Ken today, so that we could get some questions answered on regards to our code. He will check out our code and tell us what we are missing so that we can get a good grade on this .

I'll include our Github link so that you can check what Alan and I have been doing.